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You don't pay until we are finished!

You don't pay until we are finished!

You’re all set to get new floors. But what’s the first step? Whether remodeling or starting from scratch, the first rule is you want someone professional and reliable to install them. Once you’ve found the perfect people to do the work, you need to know exactly what kind of work you want them to do. You can always leave it to the professional’s opinion on the matter but trust us, they would rather you have an idea of what kind of flooring you would like.

You can be informed and prepared for your flooring consultation by brushing up on these types of floor finishes and then deciding which is best for your current flooring needs.


Water-based polyurethane
With its clear finish, water-based polyurethane is one of the more common and popular finishes. This finish dries fast and offers great protection for your floors. For those who want a natural look to their wood, this is the finish to use because it’s going to let your wood retain its natural tint. Water-based polyurethane looks all cloudy in the can but goes on and dries clear.


This finish takes longer to dry and smells pretty bad but it’s what you’re wanting if you like that amber-tinted wood finish. Many people like this finish, thinking it has a greater depth of color and shine. Coupled with its price point and how long it lasts (while turning more amber with age) makes this another popular finish.


So, which is best for you? Full disclosure: Peach State Hardwood is honestly a big fan of water-based finishes. The natural look, the ease, and the price for the amount of protection you get are ideal for most of our clients.

Once you know which direction you’d like to go in for your floors, or if you need to be pointed in the right direction, call the team at Peach State Hardwood. They’ll go over all your options and offer you the most affordable and professional refinishing and installations in the Atlanta area.

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