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Everything eventually wears down. Floors are hit especially hard by age, thanks to all the action they see every day! If your hardwood floors are starting to look a little run down or out of style, Peach State Hardwood will have them back to peak form in no time!

Get Your Floors PROFESSIONALLY Refinished! With Our Five Easy Steps!

schedule a visit
The first step is to call us or complete our contact form. Our team will then inquire about your hardwood floors project and setup a consultation at your place of residence.
Home Consultation
The goal of the in home consultation is to do a deep dive on your hardwood floors project and provide a detailed project plan before we leave.
project scheduling
Upon your acceptance of the agreement, we can move forward with getting your job scheduled and materials ordered right away!
project completion
We will conduct a complete and thorough walk through and answer any questions you may have at this time. Once the project has been completed to your satisfaction, we will collect the final payment.
our 5 easy steps
that showroom look

You can get a lot of life out of waxing and buffing, but sanding and refinishing the wood is the only way to get that showroom look again. What’s heritage is new again as these trusted neutrals give us a footing in the future. Bask in the glow of these goldentouched shades that remind us of life’s richness.

Whatever the reason, if you need to refinish your hardwood floors with a local, professional, and reliable company you can trust

Available Wood Colors


There’s no end to the style when
colors are this effortless and true.


What’s heritage is new again as these
trusted neutrals give us a footing in the future.


Bask in the glow of these goldentouched shades that remind us of life’s richness.


We’ll ensure that your hardwood boards are thick enough to be refinished. We need at least 1/8″ of wood above the tongue and groove to sand and refinish your hardwoods. We will also check floor edges or around vents and address any gaps with filler


We begin sanding to remove scratches, dings, and chips in your hardwood. Some scratches, dings, and chips may require filler; however, most of these are removed with sanding.


In some cases, we will recommend replacing hardwood boards that cannot be repaired and in other cases, we will recommend new hardwood installation if the hardwoods have been previously sanded or floor damage is beyond repair.


We will work with you to select the best color to match or change the look of your hardwoods.

stain + Polish

Finally, we will apply the stain and polish your hardwoods to the desired color and sheen, making your hardwoods look new again!

Hardwood Floor Polishing

Sometimes a little help is all you need. If your hardwood floors have the dirt and foot traffic without the damages requiring sanding or resurfacing, then a little polish is just for you.

Our team will help you determine what level of service your floors need, but if polishing is all that’s required, your floors will be restored in no time.

Did you know?

Some wood floor care products you may be using, including wood soaps and mop-on cleaners and shines, contribute to the build-up or cause that dull-haze throughout high-traffic areas.

Thorough Vacuuming


Manufacturer approved floor cleaning to remove grime, wax, and age spots


Application of satin or high-gloss polyurethane


Polish away and watch the shine return!


the process


Contact Us for an appointment to investigate your flooring needs